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How to create permalinks to text on PubPub

Published onMar 25, 2021
How to create permalinks to text on PubPub

How to create permalinks to text on PubPub

In this video, we review the ways readers, authors, and Community admins can link to specific passages or lines of text within pubs. You are able to do this in both published pubs and in the PubPub editor.

First, you’re able to copy a link to a paragraph or header by hovering over it with your cursor and clicking the link icon that appears in the left margin (you can try this here for this very paragraph).

Second, if you highlight any word, line, or passage of text, a pop-up will allow you to copy a permalink to that specific selection. This is particularly helpful for citations or for sending collaborators to a very specific part of a piece you’re sharing.

Both of these features also work in edit mode.

Additionally, while in edit mode, if you seek to link to text from your own publication (which some communities do when referencing other chapters, sections, figures, or quotes, for example) there is one extra step.

Create a permalinnk using one of the two methods described above. You’ll notice that within this link is the word “draft.”

Example: https:/

Delete the word “draft” from the permalink before embedding it within your text. This will ensure that once your pub is published, the link will send your readers to the public version of that passage of text (and not to the draft).

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