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11. Outreach with the public

Published onJun 17, 2021
11. Outreach with the public

Although we will be interested in reaching the majority of a specific population, it is best to select main target audiences that define the tone and content of the messages you want to convey. This is especially true for social networks, where payment methodologies facilitate the delimitation of the target audience.

Conducting information sessions, both face-to-face and digital, can be a good method for attracting the attention of potential stakeholders, as well as dissemination. Sessions can be easily broadcast via Facebook Live or YouTube.

Forming outreach alliances with other organizations, which may include any invitations or related information in their newsletters or social networks, can help to amplify the audience.

Despite the rise of social networks, the traditional media continues to be a relevant platform to reach a large part of the population. It is desirable to maintain, grow and cultivate a professional, cordial relationship with its representatives.

In information sent to representatives, it is advisable to highlight the most innovative or interesting aspect of the information announced (for them, not so much for us), and the answers to important questions, such as "why" or "for what reason". These questions often define the attractive angle.

There is no specific guide or template for this section because each organization has its own policies and strategies.

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