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1. Introduction

Who is this for? How should you use this toolkit?
Published onJun 17, 2021
1. Introduction


Every day, governments become more open and transparent, inviting their citizens to participate in governing processes ranging from vetting a public work to creating laws, policies, and regulations. In this desire for openness, citizen consultations have become just one technique governments use to collect first-hand information from their constituents, which they would otherwise have no way of effectively obtaining.

In this sense, many of these efforts are evolving to allow greater accessibility and ease for users. These transformations occur in the field of technology for citizen participation, and many of these innovations deserve to be used by any person or organization that wants to contribute to improving their environment. One of these cases of innovation is

For these reasons, in an effort to be open, transparent and always seeking to share knowledge, this guide aims to allow anyone interested in carrying out a digital public consultation process framed in a collective intelligence methodology.

To this end, PubPub has proven to be a tool to generate citizen consultation processes on a wide scale and therefore, the PubPub and the Consejo Nuevo León for Strategic Planning (CONL) teams have organized this toolkit with everything you need to replicate this process without major complications.

This guide contains the basic steps and inputs, as well as recommendations from the experience of a real and contemporary case study, in order to achieve a public consultation process on PubPub.

We recommend reading each of the sections in order to most effectively understand the process. We know it’s a very extensive guide, but we have tried to be as thorough and open as possible in documenting the experience to the best of our ability. For this reason, if you want to understand the process quickly, we recommend seeing the sections “PubPub as a tool for citizen participation”, “About PubPub” and “Using PubPub for citizen consultations”.

Who is this for?

This toolkit is aimed at a wide range of potential users who are interested in better understanding or carrying out participatory processes similar to the Consejo Nuevo León case study. There are mainly 4 possible users:

  1. Government agencies that seek to generate digital citizen participation processes.

  2. Civil society organizations with a focus on citizen participation.

  3. Citizens in general who have a civic commitment to improve their surroundings.

  4. The general public who intends to learn more about the possibilities of using PubPub.

How should you use this toolkit?

This guide allows readers to understand, implement, or improve this digital citizen consultation model to enrich collective intelligence and crowdsourcing processes. Certain use cases include:

  • As a methodological guide for the replication of this citizen consultation model.

  • As a guide to develop similar processes with other platforms where the current model serves as a starting point to innovate new tools.

  • As a case study of citizen participation and digital consultation that can be used by academics, public servants, or citizens seeking to innovate.

We’ve also identified certain usage scenarios where the implementation of this model is significantly maximized:

  • As a public consultation model in case it is not possible to carry out consultations in a physical or traditional way.

  • As a complement to more traditional public consultation processes (hybrid models).

  • As a starting point to implement citizen participation processes based on collective intelligence and more sophisticated crowdsourcing using PubPub.

Background and revision process of CONL

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