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Spotlight FAQ

Published onJul 20, 2022
Spotlight FAQ
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Spotlight Communities are nominated

By who?

For the first few Spotlights, communities have been identified during PubPub’s internal meetings. We’re paying attention to new communities, most active, Pubs created, or members participating. We’re also noticing communities with interesting foci and topics.

But we’re merely a few humans amongst thousands of communities. So…

How can I nominate a community?

You can submit a nomination through the Submission button on the Community Spotlight landing page.

Can I nominate my own community?


Each "Spotlight” will have at least two components: an interview and a resource.

What will the interviews be like?

Interviews will have a set of general questions that we think are important for us and others to learn about who your community is: Why the name? What are you publishing? How has the community changed over time/what have you learned? They also will have a section that’s unique to the community. Interviews will either be written or in podcast form depending on the community’s preference.

How are tool-kits and resources generated?

Each community has something special about them that others — including us — can learn from. How did you choose the layout of the community? How do you think about the role of images and multimodal content? What design elements help convey the message you’re making? What is your editorial process? How do you get institutional or financial support? How do you work with libraries or other organizations? What’s your acquisition, submission, and review process? By working with each community, these co-created tool-kits or resources will take a deep dive on a single topic and explore ideas the particular they found to be a best practice for them in case it’s helpful to others using (or considering using) PubPub.

At least two? What else?

Perhaps there will be a new feature that we’ll be able to implement as part of our roadmap. Perhaps we’ll ask you to contribute to Commonplace’s newsletter, 5 Things to Think About. Perhaps there will be something else that emerges as part of our co-created toolkit. The possibilities are endless, and we’re excited to figure them out with you!

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