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PubPub Community Services

Published onAug 04, 2021
PubPub Community Services
We strive to build PubPub to ensure that everyone can use the platform independently of our team. We also offer production, training, and strategy services for groups who want support bringing their publishing community to life and/or getting onboarded.

To learn more about the services outlined below, please email:

[email protected]

Menu of Services

Site Design & Structure

Page design

✔ Submission and review workflow templates

✔ Collection metadata management

Process: Your community should look and feel as awesome as your content, so we are here to help start-up or revamp your community pages and collections. We can also manage back-end content with providing templates for organizing submission or review processes, along with managing, tagging, and connecting metadata for your pubs.

Cost: Community design and structure is quoted on a project-by-project basis based on scope, timeline, and needs.

Article & Book Production

Production work of importing files into pubs

✔ Correctly formatting citations, tables, images

✔ Inter-issue or -chapter linking

✔ Assigning a DOI and copyright

Process: Whether you’re looking to transition an existing journal or book onto PubPub or you’re starting a new one, we can help get your content into pubs. Additionally, we can help with attributing contributions, formatting media and citations, and connecting existing DOIs or create new DOIs on a per-pub level. We are also happy to work with you to have a unique look and feel for your journal.

Cost: $75-$100/hour

Media & Content Interactives

Light-weight interactive visualizations

✔ Video summaries

✔ Podcast production

Process: Our goal is to empower authors to present research findings dynamically, beyond the traditional text and PDF experience. We provide technical support for videos, visualizations, quizzes, polls, tweets, and other storytelling tools.

Cost: $350 per asset on average

Team Training

✔ Trainings tailored to your team’s use-case(s) and needs

✔ Dedicated email support

✔ Help documentation and recordings for reference

Process: Either as part of a larger support package or as a stand-alone service, we offer PubPub training for you and your team. Training occurs over the course of two, 60-90 minute Zoom sessions and are recorded. The first session provides an overview of the tool and all of its features, with the goal of offering a lay of the land and a sense of what’s possible. The second session occurs a few weeks later and is geared toward addressing specific questions and points of confusion, as well as brainstorming and offering guidance around how to execute on new ideas. Together, these sessions aim to enable groups to independently operate their PubPub communities to their fullest extent.

Cost: $300 for two sessions

MIT Open Publishing Services

For additional services, we have partnered with MIT Open Publishing Services (MITops) to further support communities using PubPub. In leveraging decades of expertise in scholarly publishing and workflows, MITops enables new and existing publication groups to tap into its expertise to further the promise of open access and expand knowledge communication.

Services offered via MITops include:

  • Language editing & translation

  • Publication policy development

  • Peer review

  • Copyediting & proofreading

  • Open Science badge certification

⭐ Testimonials ⭐

“The amazing partnership and expertise of the PubPub team have allowed our editors to work with our authors in exciting new ways. They’ve helped us to develop works in progress, offer supplements and updates to traditionally published books, and produce enhanced digital editions (such as Frankenbook) with innovative features to support teaching and learning. The future of publishing is here, and PubPub is helping us to take advantage of all that the digital medium can offer.”
— Gita Manaktala, Editorial Director, MIT Press1

“PubPub has been the ideal technology publishing partner for Harvard Data Science Review since launching in 2019. The talented team is flexible, easy to work with, and always aligned with our goals and what we are trying to accomplish.”
— Rebecca McLeod, Managing Director, Harvard Data Science Review

"The PubPub team is bringing academic publishing into the 21st century.  For decades I have been hoping to embed interactivity into figures and tables, and for the first time in my career I was able to do so with PubPub. The team’s innovation and experience made for an incredible collaboration."
— Jeremy Bailenson, Author, “A Theoretical Argument for the Causes of Zoom Fatigue2

“Dawit and the PubPub team have been great in helping our article to be more interactive and exciting. Their expertise and open-minded approach have allowed us to present our work in a way that engages much more with our readers. Collaborating with the PubPub team has been a smooth and enriching experience, where we learned and experimented together with great fun! “ 
— Silvio Carta, Author, “Self-Organizing Floor Plans3
"PubPub has helped us transform the way we display and share scholarly works with the research community. The editorial boards of the open access journals4 that we engage with appreciate the option to embed interactive content and data visualizations into the body of a scholarly article. Catherine and the PubPub team were incredibly responsive and fun to work with, and were also open to our feedback on platform development. In our experience, PubPub is the clear leader in next-generation academic publishing."
— Agnes B. Gambill, J.D., LLM5


To learn more about our production services, please email:

[email protected]

To see how others are using PubPub and collect ideas, please visit our

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