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How do I: comment on a pub? | embed comments within my pub? | cite a pub? | cite a specific/older draft of a pub? | see older versions of a pub? | create my own discussion channel? | export a pub? | share a pub on social media?
Published onMar 28, 2018

How do I comment on a pub?

To comment on a specific section/sentence of a pub, highlight the section. To the right of the text, the options to add a comment or to link to that line will pop up. When you click on the discussion bubble, a text box will appear in the lower right of your window, from which you can draft and submit your comment. To make a general comment on the pub, you can click on the “Add” button under discussions either in the right toolbar as you read the pub, or at the bottom of your pub.

How do I embed comments within my pub?

Embedding comments from readers and even from the author is a good way to highlight good points that have been made, draw attention to specific parts of the text, and ask for more guided help when drafting. To do so, type a forward slash to bring up the insert menu, from which you select “Insert Discussion Thread.” From here, you can select which thread you would like to embed and its alignment within your text.

How do I cite a pub?

To cite a pub, highlight the passage you are referencing and then click on the link icon that appears to the right of the text. This link will direct people to this passage and can be used within your citation or as a link on social media. When in read mode, if you click on the three lines to the right of “Edit Pub,” you will see the option to “cite.” From here you will be given proper citations in different styles for the pub and for the specific version of the pub.

How do I see older versions of a pub?

When in read mode, the pub header has the date of latest published draft of a pub, as well as the total number of drafts. If you click on this, you can navigate to an older draft.

Greg Bloom:

If we author a pub, and someone posts a comment on it, how can we be notified? I just noticed a comment on a pub of mind from a month ago, and am eager to receive notifications of future comments.