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Example Communities

An evolving list of communities on PubPub accross genres and use cases
Published onJun 07, 2022
Example Communities
PubPub is currently implemented by over 5,000 communities around the world. Below is a small sampling of these groups to highlight a range of use cases and feature implementations.
December 2022 PubPub Numbers
5,017    total communities
108,225   registered users
62,971   total pubs

Community resources

Covering a range of goals and tactics, many groups use their PubPub Communities to be of service to their readers, increase research transparency, and assist those in joining them toward a shared goal or cause.

Arcadia Research



Digital Scholarship at the British Library 

Open a GLAM Lab 

Nuevo Leon Council


Books and Book Collections

One of PubPub’s first use cases, books continue to be popular communities on the platform. Authors and publishers have used the platform to experiment with design, reader engagement, teaching, and expanding access, along with conducting open community review of texts.

Academic Entrepreneurship for Medical and Health Scientists

Phone and Spear 

Sustainability Science 


Databases, Revenues, & Repertory: The French Stage Online, 1680-1793

MIT Press COVID-19 Library 

MIT Press Open Architecture and Urban Planning

Media Studies Press

MIT Press

Data Feminism

Libraries & Museums 

From supporting greater access to their holdings, to sharing more transparently about how they fulfill their missions, to bringing their visitors together with events and programming, some Museums have started implementing PubPub to great effect.

Iowa State University Museums 

Williams College Museum of Art

Bandy Center Collections Conversations

Case Studies & Reports

Case studies and reports, used as both teaching tools and reflections of progress, are published on PubPub for greater community engagement and reach.

SERC Case Studies in Ethical Computing

MIT Open Access Task Force


Spanning disciplines, journals on PubPub (including student publications) represent some of our biggest collaborations around features and customization. They are all distinct in their topic and workflows, but all are open access.

Harvard Data Science Review 

Sonic Scope 

Rapid Reviews: Covid 19

Technology, Mind, and Behavior 

San Antonio Review 



Journal of Graduate Food Studies


Even before the pandemic and the normalization of remote attendance, groups were using PubPub to publish event proceedings, solicit submissions, and share additional information about a conference to cultivate greater community engagement all while expanding access to these events.

Spreading Facts 

Pandemics and Games Essay Jam

Celebrating Millie

PubPub Team:

A volume of essays in both French and English that uses PubPub’s connections feature to link between translations

William O. Pate II:

Nicely done!

PubPub Team:

A good example of a group using PubPub’s customization features