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How do I: title a new pub? | use tags? | insert images, video, equations, Latex Math, citations, code, etc? | format and change the size of images and videos? | format my text? | add and manage chapters?
Published onMar 24, 2018

How do I title a new pub?

When you create a new pub, it will automatically be named “New Pub” with the current date. To change this, click on the pub title at the top left of the page in edit mode, which will open a window. From here, you can rename the pub, select a custom url, add a brief description, and add a cover image. You can also delete the pub from this window. Please note, a custom url cannot be used twice. If the platform will not allow you to use a url, it is likely already in use on the site.

How do I include one pub in multiple collections?

At the top of the screen in edit mode, there is a tag next to the document’s title that will list which collections the pub is a part of. To edit these, click on the collection(s) listed to open up a window. From this window you can add and remove collections within which the pub will appear.

How do I insert images, video, equations, Latex Math, citations, code, etc?

To insert items into the text, type a forward slash and an options box will appear. Please be sure there is a space before the forward slash.

Citations appear in the text line [1]. Please copy and paste a source’s bibtex, DOI, wikidata url, or bibjson in the citation box for proper formatting. Footnotes appear as superscript numbers in the text line1. Please use these for comments and informal references to other work.

How do I change the size of images and videos?

Once you have inserted an image or video, you can change its size by clicking on one of the two bars alongside the image and dragging it to your desired size. You can orient and caption the image directly within the image box.

How do I format my text?

When you highlight the text, a style window will appear above the line from which you can select a header style, bold, italic, subscript, superscript, insert a link, strikethrough, or style as a call out/quote.

How do I add and manage chapters?

To format your text into chapters, click on the button with three dots to the top right of your screen in edit mode. From here, you will see a “Chapters” option. When you click on chapters, you’re taken to a working table of contents, from which you can create and delete new chapters, name them, order them, and navigate to them. The pub from which you navigated to “Chapters” becomes chapter one. While the content in this pub can change, you cannot reorder it within the table of contents.

You are also able to manage and navigate your chapters from the right sidebar and from the bottom of the pub’s header image.

How to add chapters
Terry Ehling:

By default can links that are inserted be coded so that they open in a new tab or window? Something like target="_blank" or