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General Information

What is PubPub? Why does it exist? | What are some characteristics that make PubPub unique? | Who is PubPub for? | How do I start a community? | Dictionary of terms
Published onMar 19, 2018
General Information

PubPub general overview

What is PubPub? Why does it exist?

PubPub was created at the MIT Media Lab to empower communities of researchers to publish, review, organize, and progress towards discovery. Our mission is to help communities take control of their research and how it’s communicated. PubPub lets you publish with and for your readers.

What are some characteristics that make PubPub unique?

  • Collaborative editing

    Edit documents in real-time with your team. Or, open your document to the public for large-scale collaboration.

  • Rich media documents

    Embed videos, LaTeX equations, references, interactive frames, and more.

  • Continuous, structured review

    Invite reviewers before or after publication. Reviews can be made open to the public, or kept private.

  • Empowered, connected communities

    Our tools help communities organize, publish, and disseminate their research. Keep your community small and close-knit, or open submissions to the public. The option to credit collaborators at every level ensures contributions throughout the publishing process are not forgotten.

  • Dedication to longevity

    We're focused on long-term stable solutions for authors, reviewers, and publishers. We care about business models that are good for research, rather than good for advertisers.

  • Open source

    We operate in the open and all of our code is available. You can add a new feature yourself or fork the codebase entirely and host the platform independently.

Who is PubPub for?

Anyone who is interested in creating a community to publish open access content can begin a community on PubPub.

How do I start a community?

To begin your own community, please email [email protected] with a brief synopsis of what your community will publish and be called. We use this information to establish your page. You will generally hear back from us with a link to your community’s homepage within 3 business days.

Dictionary of terms:

  • Pub: an open access publication available within PubPub communities.

  • Community: a group that publishes on PubPub, along with its authors and commenters.

  • Collection: a group of pubs within a community. The parameters of a collection can be defined by each PubPub Community, from a more traditional journal issue to an evolving collection of Pubs on a subject.

  • Admin: individual or individuals who manage a PubPub community. Admins can assume different roles and levels of access across communities.

  • Collaborator: someone who contributes to the publication of a pub through many possible roles, such as brainstorming, editing, co-authoring, fact checking, project managing, and reviewing. These roles can be created and assigned for each Pub to credit collaborators.

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