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Getting Started

How do I: create my own community? | create a PubPub profile? | submit a pub to a community? | create pages? | format pages? | delete a pub? | delete a community?

Published onMar 19, 2018
Getting Started

How do I create my own community on PubPub?

To create your own PubPub community, please email us at with a brief description of your community and a desired URL.

How do I create a profile on PubPub?

Please fill out the form found at this link to create an account. You will receive a confirmation email, from which you will be asked to finalize the details of your account, such as your name, brief bio, contact information, links to social media, and your profile picture.

How do I submit a pub to a community on PubPub?

Each PubPub community sets their own process for content submissions. We recommend looking for further instructions from the community within which you would like to publish, or contacting them for guidance.

How do I delete a pub?

When in edit mode, click on the title of the Pub and scroll down to the bottom of the “Pub Details” pop-up window. There, you will see the option to “Delete Pub.”

How do I delete a community?

Please email us at if you would like to delete your community.

Tom Barraclough:

Hi there, I am finding that the PDF download feature is not working and I can’t locate any help guides. Is this a wider problem or something I am overlooking? Thanks

Thomas Heinrich Musiolik:

Dear PubPub Team,

how i can build an dropdown menu on our landing page?