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Enhance Your Content With Interactive Features

Transform research and engage your audience with interactive charts, maps, polls, and more
Published onApr 23, 2021
Enhance Your Content With Interactive Features

A key feature of PubPub is the ability to embed rich interactive content into publications. As part of the Knowledge Futures Group's focus on community publishing, the PubPub Team is happy to partner with groups to help assemble interactive elements or encourage them to use open tools to produce themselves. Our goal is to empower authors to present research findings dynamically, beyond the traditional text or PDF experience. Opportunities to enhance research abound, with technical support for videos, visualizations, quizzes, polls, tweets, and other easy-to-use storytelling tools.

Interactive Examples

Social interactions survey (from Daily Stress and Affect Across Adulthood)

Interactive map (from Country Roads Through 1s and 0s: Sense of Place for and Recollection of West Virginia Following Long-Term Engagement With Fallout 76):

Interactive figure (from Nonverbal overload: A theoretical argument for the causes of Zoom fatigue)

Video summary (from Quantifying Smartphone “Use”: Choice of Measurement Impacts Relationships Between “Usage” and Health)
Quantifying smartphone ‘use’ Choice of measurement impacts relationships between ‘usage’ and health

Podcast (from Nonverbal overload: A theoretical argument for the causes of Zoom fatigue)

Twitter poll (from The Psychological Impact of Digital Signatures: A Multistudy Replication
Interactive infographic (from User Perceptions of Powered Wheelchair Features)

Data visualization (from Calibrating Trust Towards an Autonomous Image Classifier)
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