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Privacy, Sharing + Collaborating

How do I: add collaborators to a pub? | add admins to a community? | share my working draft? | organize the layout of content in a collection? | manage privacy and permission settings for my pub? | add collaborators to a version? | publish? | begin a review process?
Privacy, Sharing + Collaborating
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Mar 28, 2018

How do I add collaborators to a pub?

To add a single or multiple collaborators to a pub, click on your name (or the name of the person who created the pub) next to the pencil icon below the title. A window will open that allows you to add collaborators even if they do not have a PubPub account, list their role(s), and manage their access. You can also access this window from the “Share” button in the top right of your screen.

How do I add admins to a community?

To add admins to your community, navigate to the box icon next to your profile image in the top right corner of your screen when in read mode. You will then see your community dashboard form which you can access and manage all collections, pubs, and pages. The second option from the top of the left bar says “Team.” From the Team page you can add and remove admins to your community.

What does it mean to have a private or public working draft?

Working drafts on PubPub have three privacy levels: Private, Public View, and Public Edit. A private working draft can be accessed only by a shared link and is not visible to those who are not given explicit access to the doc. A draft available under public view is available to read by anyone who visits your community. If you select public edit, then anyone can add comments and make revisions to the draft without being invited.

How do I share my working draft?

When in edit mode, click on the “Share” button in the top right corner of your window. From here, you can select sharing links based on access (read-only or edit), manage draft privacy, admin permissions, and add contributors.

How do I organize the layout of content in a collection?

To organize the layout of pubs within a collection, navigate to your community dashboard by clicking on the box icon in the top right corner of your screen when in read mode. From here, select the collection you wish to organize from the left bar. From this window, click on “Edit Collection” in the top right. Edit collection allows you to revise the details and layout of the collection, such as its title, description, url, and privacy. Click on “Layout” at the top of the window to select pub order, size, and to add new pub, text, or HTML sections.

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